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126th Global Star Party - "Light & Color" - Explore Alliance

“In art, as in science, reductionism does not trivialize our perception - of color, light, and perspective - but allows us to see each of these components in a new way.”

-Eric Kandel 

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Light and color are of paramount importance to astronomers as they provide a wealth of information about celestial objects, their properties, and the processes taking place in the universe. Light and color are the essential tools for astronomers, both amateur and professional, to gather information about celestial objects, decipher their properties, and uncover the underlying physical processes shaping the universe.

The ability to analyze and interpret the light emitted, absorbed, and reflected by these objects is fundamental to advancing our understanding of astronomy and astrophysics. “Light & Color” is the theme of the 126th GSP, and our stellar lineup of presenters will illuminate your knowledge of the universe: