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Certified Pre-Owned Explore One Rock Tumbler Set

UGC CPO-88-10430
CODE À BARRE 8118030335664
$ 15.45 $ 15.45
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Certified Pre-Owned Refurbished

These Certified Pre-Owned items -- including telescopes and accessories -- have been thoroughly inspected by the Explore Scientific Quality Control Team to ensure the item meets our high standard. The item is then repacked, often in a new box, and prepared for shipment.

Generally these items come from one of three sources: returned, often in like new condition; traded in on another item; or new but has blemishes and marks.

Certified Pre-Owned items carry the standard Limited One-Year Warranty on mechanical and optical systems; however, because these items are pre-owned, they DO NOT carry a cosmetic warranty.


  • Rock tumbler mimics natural weathering process to turn rough-edged rocks into smooth shiny stones with intriguing colors and patterns.
  • Junior geologists will learn about rock composition and geological processes as they witness their everyday rock finds transform into works of art.
  • Rocks are transformed through four stages of grinding/polishing
  • A variety of accessories are included to transform the final polished stones into a pair of earrings, a necklace, a key chain and more.


Discover the inner beauty hidden inside common rocks with the Explore One Rock Tumbler that mimics natural weathering processes. In a matter of weeks, the tumbler can turn rough-edged rocks into smooth shiny stones showcasing intriguing colors and patterns. Junior geologists will love seeing the everyday rocks they’ve collected transformed into shiny works of art as they investigate rock composition and learn about geological processes. As an added amenity, the machine also comes with a variety of accessories for turning the beautiful, polished stones into jewelry.


CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)