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National Geographic Night Vision Digital Binoculars

UGC 80-50155
CODE À BARRE 811803035836
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$ 133.89
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  • Day & Night Viewing
  • Infrared LED
  • 3 Infrared Levels
  • 8x Digital Zoom
  • 3.0" IPS Display
  • UHD Video Resolution
  • 40M Image Resolution
  • 8GB Micro Memory Card Included
  • Rechargeable Battery


With a pair of National Geographic’s Night Vision Digital Binoculars at the ready, outdoors enthusiasts can access a whole new world of experiences including observing the habits of nocturnal wildlife prowling in the dark, tracking owls and other nightbirds as they swoop through the trees or exploring the hidden wonders of cave systems.

Although these digital binoculars are designed for both day and night use, their assets really shine in no-light situations where they employ infrared technology to allow adventurers to see and image what would otherwise be unseeable. In complete darkness, the infrared illuminator, which has three brightness levels for versatility, can pick up targets as far as 300 meters away and deliver sharp views to the device’s 3-inch IPS display. When it comes to showcasing crucial details, the binocular has a 4x optical magnification to enhance the views, and an 8x digital zoom for situations that call for extra magnification.

In addition to giving users an optical edge, National Geographic’s Night Vision Digital Binoculars are outfitted to capture all your outdoor adventures and explorations in UHD 2.5k video or 40M resolution photos on a user-supplied memory card. An 8GB Micro Memory Card, and USB SD card reader is included for easy transfer of images and videos to a computer.

Additional features include a tripod thread for stability during long observing sessions, a neck strap to keep the device secure and close at hand, a carrying case for protection during storage and transport and a cleaning cloth.



Item Number 80-50155
Digital Zoom 8x
Optical Magnification 4x
Screen 3" Display
Image Resolution 40MB
Video Resolution UHD 2.5K
Battery Rechargeable
Viewing Distance Up to 250-300 Meters at Night
IR Adjustments 3 Levels
Support Tripod threaded
Included Binoculars, Neck Strap, Carry Bag, USB-C Cable, Cleaning Cloth, 8GB Micro Memory Card, USB SD Card Reader


CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)