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Pulsar 2.2m Full Height Observatory Dome Kit

UGC ES-4900510
Special Order
Prix ​​d'origine $ 10,300.00 - Prix ​​d'origine $ 10,300.00
Prix ​​d'origine
$ 10,300.00
$ 10,300.00 - $ 10,300.00
Prix ​​actuel $ 10,300.00

*Note that this is a discontinued product. This legacy information is for reference only. See our Observatories Collection for current products.


The Pulsar Observatories 2.2 meter full height dome benefits from the following advanced features:

  • Finest quality, weatherproof GRP finish
  • High-quality locking system
  • Simple design for self-assembly
  • Available in white 
  • Suitable for a variety of installations
  • Suitable for instruments up to at least 12" Aperture
  • Ideal for societies, schools, etc.


The Pulsar Observatory Dome provides a high quality, secure and practical housing for your telescope. Providing excellent weather protection for you and your telescope, it allows you to have your instrument ready for use at all times. Whether imaging or visual, having the convenience of a permanent set up adds greatly to your enjoyment of exploring the night sky.

Various upgrades and accessories are available.

We can also supply a steel pier, that will complete the permanent installation of your telescope, giving you more space within the dome than your existing tripod. The pier can be delivered with your observatory, if ordered together, at a discounted price. We can also fabricate custom height piers to suit your requirements.

Pulsar Pulley Kit

The Pulley Accessory Kit is designed to aid the opening and closing of the dome shutter, and to minimize the risk of the shutter slipping and causing damage. Allows the shutter to be partially opened to any position if required. Easy to fit, the kit comes complete with pulley wheel, nuts, bolts and washers, together with 4 meters of Nylon rope.

It can be fitted whilst your dome is being installed or retro-fitted afterwards.

The pulley fits to the flange at the top of your dome aperture, through the existing bolt hole, and the Nylon cord fits to the front and rear of the sliding shutter. Supplied with detailed fitting instructions.

Pulsar Induction Charger

Our new Pulsar Induction Charger is a fantastic upgrade to the Pulsar Shutter Drive. Our drive features an internal Lithium-Ion battery which is normally charged by a solar charger mounted to the outside of the observatory dome. Our new Induction charger is not only more efficient, but is also mounted inside the dome on the rotation drive housing. The charging and battery details are readily accessible through the rotation drive control box so you can monitor the status of your shutter battery. This is a great addition to your observatory, and one we are very proud of!

Pulsar 2.2m Accessory Bay

An excellent addition to your observatory! Our accessory bay gives you ample storage space for accessories, computer hardware, etc..without affecting floor space. If you are considering one or more of our accessory bays, it is advisable to purchase these at the time of purchasing your observatory. This will ensure that the wall panels are pre-cut to take the bays at no extra cost, and will save you a delivery charge at a later date. 

The accessory bay comes with fixing kit and full installation instructions. Adding 1 or more bays will provide you with additional storage for your computer, books, etc.

Customer Requirements:
The customer will need to provide a level concrete base to ensure secure fixing and dome operation. Our guide to suitable base dimensions is here.

The Pulsar Observatory dome is sectional in design and is delivered in kit form. Alternatively, we can provide a complete installation service for you. Please call for details.


Item Number ES-4900510
Total Height Approx. 2.47 meters
Dome Diameter Approx. 2.2 meters
Dome Height Approx. 1.1 meters
Dome Aperture Approx. 0.6 meters



Pulsar Safety PDF

To download printable PDF manual Click Here

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)