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Star Mentor: Hands-On Projects and Lessons in Observational Astronomy for Beginners - Paperback

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This is a hands-on guide for both the budding astronomer in need of a mentor and the seasoned observer who wants to learn how to effectively share their knowledge with newcomers.

Through decades of teaching observational astronomy at the high school and college level, Dr. Daniel E. Barth has inspired thousands of beginners, and in this book he shares the many ways that you can learn and teach others, too. The chapters contain a plethora of practical projects in observational astronomy that can be done on your own or with others, delighting any hobbyist with the many wonders of the night sky.

The activities are tailored for different skill levels, always starting from the basics and working their way up to more challenging tasks. They can be done outdoors with a telescope or indoors with a few simple materials, depending on the sky conditions and time of year. Make astronomy fun for all with these engaging DIY projects, which include step-by-step instructions for modeling, sketching, observing, recording, and many other interactive exercises.

Appropriate for the amateur who wants to teach their passion, the beginner who has their very first telescope, the binocular owner, and even those who do not yet own equipment, Star Mentor is your guide to forming and sharing a lifelong love for astronomy.