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Unistellar Backpack for ODYSSEY PRO & ODYSSEY

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$ 307.97
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Compatible only with ODYSSEY PRO and  ODYSSEY

Preorder - Shipping starts June 2024


  • Suitable as carry-on luggage on aircrafts
  • Made with tough reinforced fabric
  • Thermoformed protective shell
  • Tripod compartment
  • Plenty of storage pockets


Discover the ODYSSEY BACKPACK designed to accompany you on all your astro adventures. Its thick foam outer coating protects against shocks, while its interior features a thermoformed shell that perfectly conforms to the shape of the telescope and tripod to ensure their stability during transport.

With eight storage spaces, the ODYSSEY backpack is ultra-functional, allowing you to carry everything you need for your observation evenings. In addition to the dedicated compartment for the telescope and tripod, you will find one external side pocket for carrying beverages, as well as two zippered pockets for keys, batteries, chargers, tools, and three padded internal pockets for your tablet, solar filter, and smartphone. It's also convenient to store your ODYSSEY at home.

Ideal for travel, the ODYSSEY BACKPACK is lightweight and compact. It offers optimal comfort with its foam shoulder straps and back support, allowing you to hike for hours to reach remote locations for your observations. It is also compliant with cabin baggage standards for most airlines.



Dimensions 55 x 38.5 x 16 cm (H W D)
Color Black
Compatibility ODYSSEY, ODYSSEY PRO, ODYSSEY PRO (Red Edition)
Material Polyester, Thermoformed shell, Thick foam exterior coating
Storage for Telescope, Tripod, Charger, Accessories, Phone, 13-inch Laptop
Features Lightweight and compact, back support and foam shoulder straps