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Vixen Compact Mount AP Photoguider

par Vixen
UGC ES39989-SO
CODE À BARRE 4955295399895
Prix ​​d'origine $ 1,612.97 - Prix ​​d'origine $ 1,612.97
Prix ​​d'origine
$ 1,612.97
$ 1,612.97 - $ 1,612.97
Prix ​​actuel $ 1,612.97

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  • Excellent tracking accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Attach camera mount on the dovetail slide bar
  • Equipped with polar alignment scope


Exclusive tool for shooting starscape images with camera

There are many subjects for shooting, constellations, meteors, and comets. The AP photoguider is an equatorial mount designed to shoot starscape images with excellent tracking accuracy in a compact body. The equipped STAR BOOK ONE controller assures high-precision tracking.

Excellent tracking accuracy

The AP Photoguider allows you to take pinpoint photos of stars and constellations without guiding corrections for the length of several minutes. If you have a digital SLR camera with a telephoto lens, shooting nebulae and star clusters will be fun with the AP Photoguider.


The AP Photoguider includes the sturdy but lightweight APP-TL130 tripod, with the complete system weighing only about 5.4kg, convenient for transporting to a dark location away from light pollution.


Attach the camera mount on the dovetail slide bar PG first and then camera set for shooting. You can start shooting immediately if you mount a lightweight camera. In case of mounting a heavy camera, attach a supplementary counterweight bar as well as a counterweight 1kg for stable conditions.

Polar alignment scope

The AP Photoguider is equipped with the polar alignment scope where polar axis is aligned at accuracy within 3 ar sec, using auto power off for illumination of the dark field illuminator.

Accessory shoe

The AP Photoguider is provided with an accessory shoe. You can attach an optional poler meter to be able to align where Polaris is not visible.


Configuration AP polar axis body unit, R.A. Motor module and STAR BOOK ONE set, PG mount head set, Polar alignment scope PF-L
Slow motion control Wheel and worm gears full circule micro movement by electricity
Quick slewing motion Friction control system
Wheel gear 73.5mm in diameter, 144-tooth
Worm gear / R.A. gear Dia. 11mm, brass / Dia. 59mm aluminum
Bearings Ball-bearing x 4pcs (RA motor module, AP Polar axis body unit x 2pcs each)
Azimuth adjustment ±6.5°fine adjustment with twin adjustment screws knobs, 1.4°/rotation
Altitude adjustment 0 to 65° with tangent screw with handle, 1.9°per rotation
Polar alignment scope 6x20mm, 8°actual field of view, auto power off (8 step adjustable). 3 alignment stars system.
Drive / Tracking Electric drive with pulse motor / High accuracy tracking with STAR BOOK ONE controller.
Max. loading capacity 6kg (150kg-cm torque load)
Cable connecting terminal D-SUB9PIN male
Power contact USB Micro-B terminal Male
Power supply USB Micro B
Compatible power supply USB external power supply
Power consumption DC5V 0.2-0.5A (1.0-2.5W)
Weight 2.4kg
Total weight 5.4kg
Material, type Aluminum 3-section leg
Dimensions / Weight L:570⇔1,296mm, H:526⇔1,159mm, closed 598.4mm, Radius: 350⇔710mm, 3.0kg


Vixen warranties its products to be free from initial defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period based on part type:

Vixen Electronic Parts: Limited One Year Warranty

Vixen Mechanical Parts: Limited Two Year Warranty

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