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Explore Alliance Centers - Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes

Woodland Hills, CA USA
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The Explore Alliance Centers are joined by a group of Ambassadors and Affiliate Organizations who help guide the Alliance. Our collective mission is to take you beyond the gear, so you can go beyond the everyday to make your own personal discoveries of the normally hidden wonders of our universe while giving you the long-term support that you need.

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes (WHCT) is an Authorized Explore Alliance Center. The staff at WHCT is recognized for providing exemplary service, and are highly knowledgeable about astronomical and other optical exploration gear. WHCT is authorized to sell EA memberships, and is able to participate in EA exclusive benefits with members. Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes will help you achieve your goals beyond the gear. 

In 1952 in the heart of Los Angeles County, Woodland Hills Camera was opened by the Knox and Chase families. The store was acquired by Farah Payan in October,1986 where she introduced telescopes in their product offering and eventually changed the name to Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes. 
Showroom of Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes
Showroom at Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes
The team working at WHCT has cultivated a culture that caters to beginners and advanced, (as well as professionals), that have a passion in photography and astrophotography. Daniel Mounsey (also known as Dr. D) and Simon Tang are two of the senior technical sales representatives for astronomy and astrophotography. Steven Sylver and David Garrett serve as senior technical sales representatives for photography.  
Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes is one of the few retailers in the country offering a full range of darkroom services. You can also find full services for telescope and camera repair, as well as rentals. WHCT often provides astronomers and telescopes for special events. New and used equipment of all brands are available for sale. 
Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes under the guidance of Farah Payan, continuously participates in and actively supports educational outreach programs in astronomy on a local and international level. Most notably, the Astronomers Without Borders organization where she is a current member of the board of directors. WHCT also conducts a series of star gazing events called "Night Under the Sky" in Oak Park. 
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Explore Alliance Members can expect a wide range of benefits from Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes. Click here to learn more.
Awards and Recognition
Selected the Most Popular Camera Store in the greater Los Angeles area, in 2018 and 2019, by the Los Angeles Daily News.
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