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PMC-Eight Beginner FAQ's

(14) How do I go back to the Compass Display on the ExploreStars application?
(17) How accurate are the object coordinates in the ExploreStars database?
(18) Why does my PMC-Eight SSID connection show "no Internet" when connected?
(21) Why does my mount stop tracking when the computer goes to sleep or the ExploreStars application stops working?
(23) When do I need to change the Latitude and Longitude values in the ExploreStars Settings/Preferences, and how do I do it?
(24) How do I install the Windows 10 version of ExploreStars and the PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver?
(25) How do I configure and operate the ExploreStars application?
(30) How do I use an auto guiding camera with the PMC-Eight system?
(31) Will I lose my alignment when the wireless connection drops, or when my tablet or the ExploreStars app is restarted?
(32) Why does my WiFi connection keep dropping out?
(34) Does ExploreStars or the PMC-Eight work on an Apple iPhone or iPad?
(37) How do I install the Android Version of the ExploreStars application?
(45) How Do I Set ExploreStars To Use A Language Other Than English On Android?
(46) What Tablet Size Do I Need For The ExploreStars Application?
(48) Can I Use a Gamepad Hand-Paddle with the PMC-Eight System?
(49) My iEXOS 100 Mount Did Not Come with A WiFi Dongle, What's Up With That?
(50) What Should I Keep in Mind When Using the ExploreStars App and the PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver?
(52) Why does the Android and Apple iOS versions of ExploreStars start slewing the mount immediately when starting a 2- or 3-star alignment?