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The Alliance of Historic Observatories

A Meeting of Historical Proportions at Mt. Wilson Observatory, the creation of The Alliance of Historical Observatories

It was on the weekend of June 15th and 16th, 2019 at Mt. Wilson that an amazing group of observatory directors, planners, and organizers that included the Yerkes Future Foundation, Mt. Wilson Observatory, Palomar Observatory, Lick Observatory, Griffith Observatory, Lowell Observatory, the Vatican Observatory, the Antique Telescope Society, the Institute for Student Astronomical Research, and Explore Scientific that included:

Sam Hale, Tom Meneghini, Dr. Sandra Faber, Tony Misch, Dr. Ed Krupp, Dr. Jeffrey Hall, Dr. Jonas Zmuidzinas, Dr. Andrew Boden, Jean Mueller, Dr. Fr. Paul Gabor, Ian McLennan, and John Briggs, Rachel Freed, and Scott W. Roberts (taking minutes of the meeting).

"The Alliance of Historic Observatories" (AHO) is established with a vision and mission to support historical observatories that can sustain them over the next century.  The historic two-day meeting formed a steering committee, and a second meeting was decided and conducted at Palomar Observatory. Now with the pandemic beginning to subside, AHO looks towards the future. 

Visit the official website:

Sam Hale, Grandson of George Ellery Hale Scott Roberts with Dr. Sandra Faber of Lick Observatory  Jean Mueller of Palomar Observatory