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Explore Scientific Camera Dovetail Plate

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The Explore Scientific Camera Dovetail Plate is designed to make it easy to attach a camera to a standard astronomical tripod Vixen-style saddle plate.

The Camera Dovetail Plate has three slots which can be used to mount a camera.

The device comes with a standard ¼-20 bolt installed in one of the slots. Installed onto the ¼-20 bolt is a 3/8-16 adapter, which is a European standard. To use the ¼-20 bolt, simply unscrew the 3/8-16 adapter. Be sure to put it a safe place in case you ever need to use it.

The Camera Dovetail Plate also comes with a spring-loaded pin, which is used on some cameras and camera foot plates.

To move the ¼-20 bolt from one slot to another, ensure the 3/8-16 adapter is removed, then slide the bolt to the end of the slot that is wider. Using the swivel handle on the bolt, unscrew the bolt. It may be helpful to press down from the top while unscrewing from the bottom. Once the ¼-20 bolt is removed, place it in the desired slot, where the end is wider, and screw it in.

To move the spring-loaded pin, use a 4 mm Allen (hex) wrench to unscrew the set screw. With the set screw removed, carefully turn over the plate to remove the small spring and pin. Be careful to not lose the dark-color spring or pin.

Select the hole where the spring-loaded pin needs to be installed and put the pin in the hole. Be sure to put it in with the thin side down and ensure that the pin aligns with the hole so the silver tip is sticking out. The flange should be on top. Place the spring into the hole, then install the set screw. Do not overtighten or the pin will no longer be spring-loaded.

To install a camera, align the ¼-20 screw to the mounting hole in the camera or lens, then screw in the bolt. Tighten as needed. If additional pressure is needed, tighten the spring-loaded pin.

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)